ADASS XXX Abstract Submission

Welcome to the CfP platform of the ADASS XXX conference.

In this platform you may edit your profile and visualize your contribution (talk, BoF, focus demo or poster)

Talks are 15 minutes long, including 3 minutes for questions.

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are participant-driven conference spaces dedicated to topics of interest to specific communities.

Focus demos are 30 minute sessions where speakers can demonstrate a software product or system.

Posters as well as other optional support files (i.e. slides and self-recorded videos) for your contribution may be uploaded to the FTP site following the instructions and files nomenclature published in our website.

Posters will have to be uploaded in PDF format about ten days before the conference (i.e. by Oct 31st).

Since the submission deadline is past you can no longer edit your contribution using this platform. In case you feel the abstract of your contribution really needs to be updated, or you detect any inconsistency to fix, please let us know by sending us an email to

Please note that it is not allowed to be the main author of several talks or poster contributions.

Main authors of posters are labelled as speakers, since they are allowed to upload 3 min lightning talk to the FTP site.

To help us build the schedule and program as well as other documents and reports in a semi-automatic way, we have decided not to register co-authors of posters in this platform. You may and have to add them in the proceedings paper.

Oral contributions may have several speakers registered, but only one main author is allowed.

Please note that we will be using Zoom for talks and BoFs. This means that your contribution might be recorded, you have to let us know.

We are investigating technical solutions for socialising online as well as for presenting posters. If your poster is accepted, you might be given the chance to submit a short, three minute video describing your work.

Key themes for ADASS XXX are:
- Science Platforms and Data Lakes
- Cloud Computing at Different Scales
- Cross-Discipline Projects
- Multi-Messenger Astronomy
- Machine Learning, Statistics, and Algorithms
- Time-Domain Ecosystem
- Citizen Science Projects in Astronomy
- Data Processing Pipelines and Science-Ready Data
- Data Interoperability
- Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy

- Talks: Sep. 15th (updated deadline)
- Focus demos: Sep. 15th (updated deadline)
- BoF: Sep 15th (updated deadline)
- Posters: Oct. 1st
- Poster uploaded in PDF: Oct. 31st (updated deadline)

We look forward to receiving your abstracts.

More information on the conference website:

You can enter submissions until 2020-10-01 23:59 (Europe/Madrid), 0 minutes from now.