How to better describe software for discovery and citation
2020-11-09, 19:00–20:30, Times in UTC

In this BoF we propose to discuss a variety of items to improve how
software is described and can be discovered. We will invite and
actively search for contributions to this discussion. Some examples of
what we could cover:

  1. The codemeta.json file, under control of software
    authors. Including a working session to write your own (or base it on
    the ASCL starter file). This file (or itâs cousin
    CITATION.cff) will also improve software citation, and we will explain

  2. Possible options to expand the codemeta file, e.g. keywords
    describing the API and its one-liners.

  3. Improvements to the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT) such that
    software is better covered.

  4. Define a well defined field in astrophysics and take an inventory
    of the software used to categorize them. A conference would be an
    ideal event to get all the stakeholders together (we have a candidate
    for this).

We encourage contributions to this BoF.

Theme – Open Source Software and Community Development in Astronomy